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Sustainable Buildings

Sustainability With Kasab

  • Green Buildings
  • Renewable Integration in Buildings
  • Building Envelopes/Insulations
  • Building Materials 
  • Efficient Nano Coatings and paints
  • Heat Reflective Shields
  • Solar Glass Windows

Nano Coatings

Thermal Insulation

Solar Glass

Green Buildings

Our Products & Services


Wind Turbine


SMART Street light

Portable Power System

Concentrated Photovoltaic

Solar pumps for irrigation

Off Grid System (Telecom)

Solar Cathodic Protection System

Heat Recovery

Efficient Air Conditioning

Tubular Sky light

Retrofitting Reflector & Diffuser in Lighting

Nano Chemical Coating

SKY H2O Atmospheric Water Generation

90% Transparent Solar Glass

EPC (Energy Performance Contracting)

Solar Carports

Training & Development

Thermal Insulation

Waste Managment

Audit and Efficiency Services

All efficiency studies start with a thorough evaluation of current and projected energy use. These reports will offer a clear picture for your company to determine what is the best action to start

  • Lighting

  • Heating

  • Cooling & Ventilation

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Water Use

  • Awareness

What clients say

We take pride in providing efficient Green Solutions to save our clients money and to try to improve our impact on the earth.

We never knew that nano coatings existed. They protect our solar panels from moisture acting as an adhesive to dust. Now with a light breeze dust blows back off reducing maintenance but also improving the PV performance over the same peroid by 15%

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Muhammad K.

Dammam | KSA

Let us provide your company

Energy Efficiency Assessment

All Green Energy Solutions start with evaluation. Click the link below to find our checklist of items that we will need to thoroughly evaluate your needs and areas of concern.